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Jul 3, 2003
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milton keynes
Have had a search through the topics, and if this has already been asked / answered. Sorry in advance. :rolleyes:

I have two clients who like to have there nails on for special occasions, they both would like to wear them permanently. unfortunately they are both cooks/chefs and there big bosses have declared nail enhancements to be a health hazard..

Personally I believe they are confusing nail enhancements with the stick on types.

My advice has been that enhancements cleaned in the correct manner, as in the same has they would clean their natural nail, would be cleaner.

Thought about what happens should one come off, but then there own nail could break off.

Can anyone help in this.

well my mum had an experience with a bag of

when i first learnt nails in 1997 i put a set of fibreglass on my mum, she works in a butchers and noticed that she'd lost 1, just after she'd sold a few pound of mince to a customer...

wonder if that customer found it in her vicx
I work with food produce and am not allowed to wear nail varnish or extensions!! :rolleyes: My managers believe that the overlay or polish could chip off into the food etc.
Its food health n saftey regulations, you're not allowed polish/extensions etc when handling food.

It sucks :(

I used to work in catering for years and was always told that if you could see your nails by looking at the palm of your hand they are too long, some places stick to the rules more than others, but sadly nail enhancements were a big no no. I always had mine done for my holidays but had to have them removed before returning to work.
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