Cosmetic Tan and Eyebrow Wax?


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May 19, 2009
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I've got a client who wants both before a party and I've suggested different days just to be on the safe side however she does not have enough time to do both separately. Her friend is also having a tan done on the same night so if I were to wax client A's eyebrows first, then do clients B's Tan, by the time I get to Client A's face the waxed eyebrows should have calmed?

Anyone had the same experience or can offer any advice?

many thanks
Gem x
I would not do it personally, but if you are going to I would pluck the brows in this case, as it's not just a matter of tanning solution going into open follicles but also that the skin will react differently where the tan is. Waxing takes off a certain amount of surface skin cells so this may prevent the skin from taking the tan, also you won't be able to put on aftercare lotion. :hug:
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I would not recommend you doing an eyebrow wax then a tan! it just not worth the risk, what if your client got an infection as the pores would be open after the wax, I would just explain that you cant do both treatments on the same day, its not worth it but it is up to you in the end? :rolleyes:
what about not tanning her face?

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