Cost of semi permanent eyelashes


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Feb 15, 2016
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What price would you charge for a full set of eyelashes?

I know it varies from salon to location in juts interested in what you all charge?

(Semi permanent eyelashes)
I am charging £60 for 2 hours x
I am charging £60 for 2 hours x
Thanks you, how long did it take you to complete a full set when you qualified and how much did you charge then?
I'm thinking of charging £35/40 for an opening offer whilst I gain my speed X
I charge £40 or £65 depending on the lashes I use, they take me 1 hour, infills are £25 and take me 30-45mins
Thank you, have you charged the same price as soon as you were qualified?
I charged £45 at first and took about 2 1/2 hours, it's not massively popular atm because of my location/clientele but that is going to change when i move into the city in a few weeks. I know I will get faster the more I do! X
Thank you good luck with your move exciting x
Thank you good luck with your move exciting x

Thank you lovely! Good luck with your lashes! Be persistent and if you are charging a little at first explain this to your clients because you will want to increase once you feel confident! X
I charge £40-£50 per set and it takes me 1.5-2 hours.
I charge £35 for a full set of cashmere lashes. I book out 1hr 45min for it. Infills £20 and i book an hr out. Very popular treatment for my area so cant charge so much. A few mobile ladies charge just £25 although they are quicker than me (1 is my lash lady)
Sorry forgot to say im based in mansfield nottinghamshire

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