could some one plz help me???


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May 30, 2010
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i am booked to do tantruth spray tan course at sallys salon services on monday but dont want to use tantruth products as ive been told so many times there products are crap!!??!! am i still allowed to do the training with tantruth on monday and then switch to another product???? all confusing as im new to spray tanning ive never tanned anyone in my life! lol any help will be muchly appreciated! thanks :) x
Hi, I don't actually do spray tannning but it does not make sense to me as to why you would train with a company you have no intention of using in the future, especially with so many really good spray tan companies who offer fantastic back up support who you could train with, have you looked at tantrick or sunless solutions to mention just 2?

Take a little bit more time and research more thoroughly I think you will find that you will save yourself a lot of money and bother in the long run.

Good luck with which ever decision you make.......keep us posted.
hi thanks for ur reply, the reason i am doing tantruth training is because it is the only one in my area...literally!! everyone else you have to travel miles away and thats not possible for me to do :( x
Are you sure? I would give a few companies a call and talk to them because I know that most have regional trainers, what area are you in?
i would do some research in your area to see what tan other salons use if it is mostly the same it may be worth while travelling for training as you would then have the advantage of being the only user of (x) tan in your area and this could then bring in more clients.

i could train locally with salon services but have decided to travel 35 miles to train with fake bake as i prefer to use it.

just a thought :idea:
I take it ur going to the training just to know the method of applying tan as you don't want to use their products.
If it really is the only tanning training near you I don't see the harm with doing the training although you are paying to sit through them trying to sell their products to you (which will take up the majority of the time you are with them).
Not everyone who trains with a brand stays with them so don't worry, although I wouldn't mention that at the training!!!!
Hope this helps

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