Needing help with Hard gel.


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Jun 14, 2018
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Ive been doing gel nails for 2-3yrs now. I wanted to try my hand at acrylics, but I didnt like the smell. So, I tried Apres which were great at first, full coverage tips. Loved them! Until, Summer rolled around and they dont hold up to humidity, heat or water very well.
I then decided to try Young Nails hard gel. I finally got use to the product, started using it for clients who wanted the longer nail extensions, I like working with it...but...but..most of my clients cant last 3 weeks without breakage or lifting. Their nails are so weak and the clients who usually wear acrylics tell me that they feel its the product...Ive been doing nails long enough that I feel I understand and do a good prep on the nails..

My question is...Im going to try acrylics, I dont like the smell but I really want to give a good quality service to my clients. What is a good monomer to use? Are there any that dont smell as strong as the others? What does anyone else use as far as hard gel? Has anyone moved away from acrylic to another product successfully? Im willing to try other hard gel products, Im just not sure where to start. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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