Severe greenie....please Help!!


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Apr 14, 2010
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Mansfield, Notts
Hi! I've been a nail tech for 14 years and have never encountered this. I know its a greenie and how greenies are formed and treated. However... I think the clients nail has broken under the builder gel on her natural nail (no extension) without her realising and then moisture has somehow gotten betweeen the layers of her actual nail and worked its way down the nail plate. I've removed all product and most of the green what i could. Cleaned it up and told her to put a plaster on to protect it and then take it off at night to get air to it. I did not want to put any more products on until it heals. Ive told her it will grow out but in the meantime her nail is very sensitive as she has half her nail missing! I felt so bad for her as she's quite a new client. Not sure what else to do? Ive told her to keep me informed and when the green is gone and grown out i can apply products again. Any help or advice very much appreciated xxx TIA
You have done everything I would have done and said. Be confident, you're absolutely right. It's now a patience game

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