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Jan 10, 2012
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uk south west
hi this is my first post just wondred what everybody thought about this. Im going on a course soon which is for work and I asked my boss as Im employed if I was getting paid for the day as its a work day that the course falls on and she said no I would have to take It as a holiday which I dont think Is very fair. My boss said she would pay and then said she would pay half the course dont think she has a clue about running a business. I have different issues every week.

Think it depends on whether you asked to go on the course or if she sent you on it. When I sent my member of staff on a First Aid course recently it was because I needed her to do it, so I paid for course and paid her days wages. Think that is only fair.
hi well its a difficult one as im a hairdresser part time employed in the salon should of gone self emplyed really but didnt no alot about it. im doing a shellac course which is to benefit her more than me as i can do this anyway and said i would do it in the salon thinking she would pay for the course and pay me for the day. she said to me that she only employes me as a hairdresser though, I feel like just txing her and saying donyt pay me for a holiday and the course as i wont be doing it in the salon. I wont be getting paid any more for doing it in the salon. Iv brought all my clients to the salon and make more money for her than she does herself even tho i only work part time. I thinks shes being unfair??? I may be wrong?

thanks guys
I wish I could afford to send my girls on courses but things are soo tight and there's no way I could pay them a days pay and loose a member of staff for the day too ! Sorry but my girls would jump at the chance and would not expect to be payed for that day, but it would always be arranged on their day off. Sorry you don't feel appreciated ! And I think that's probs why you don't feel it's fair.
please dont judge me if i am wrong but i thought employers could claim the cost of training back?? something to do with taxes?? lol i might just be talking out the top of my hat though!! xxxx

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thanks for your reply, I think Im just not going to do It in the salon as I dont have to and pay for the course myself which I have done x
Think that im just not going to do it in the salon take the day as a hol and pay for myself which i have done. her loss not mine as it would make her more money in the salon. xx
I don't think she has to pay anything towards the course as its a beauty course and you're employed as a hairdresser. That's not being unfair.
I totally understand what your saying I think i was doing her a favour offering the treatments in the salon being paid the same wage no extra for doing the nails. xx
I don't mean to offend but do you expect to be payed more?
you will already be getting payed e.g from 9 to 5 so you would be doing nails instead of hair thought it would be a nice change ?I have ad girls work for me trained in both beauty and hairdressing and they did not get payed any different.

If vat registered we can claim vat back but that's just vat on top of course fee, we still have to pay course fee and boy they can be really expensive !
No I dont expect to be paid more. The course was only 65. Im just going to not do nails in salon as i dont have to and It isnt in my contract as I dont even have 1. I couldnt do the course anyother time as would of preferd to do in my own time as its just caused issues xx
Technically, if an employer wants to put you on a course then the correct way to do it is to pay your for your time and for the course (but you may have to pay her back for thi if you leave within a certain time of doing the training).

However, if you get to do shellac training which is so widely recognised anyway, I would just see it as an opportunity even if I was having to put some of my own funds into it.
I have to say I might be going a little against the grain here... Yes certainly it might benefit you to do the course, but as there was no agreement as such in place I would simply explain calmly that you are happy to do the course, however as the benefit is to her, not really to you, then you don't want to use up a days annual leave and have to pay for a course. You would rather leave things as are and not loose a day and spend money you can use on something you personally would rather spend it on.
Make sure you explain it in a professional manner to her and that way there can be no confusion over why you are not going to do the course.

In future always be clear about who is expected to pay for any additional training etc :)

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