Cracked nail plates


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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
Hi all,
Hoping everyone had a fab and super xmas and are all looking forward to new year :D

I need some info as I am a little baffled. My best bud comes to me quite regularly to have her natural nails strengthened with gel. I use Faze and every two weeks just pop a coat of gel over them and cure under the uv lamp, well along with the usual prep etc, anyway she came yesturday and in some uncomfort poor thing.

Both index fingers had a split across the natural nail about half way up imagine center of nail from side wall to side wall, almost like a small earth quake had erupted, the weird thing is that the gel had no crack and had not damaged at all. She remembers bending one of the nails backwards as she explained she had caught the nail in her jeans and the pain was unreal not to mention the throbbing, but is mysterfied as to the other nails crack.

The issue obviously is not the damage she has done but how has it effected the natural nail and not the gel that is upon them? I buffed them carefully and made sure they were clean and neat, shortened them right down and coated them once again with a layer of gel, she said they felt so much better after but still i am worried as the part where the cracks are is very thin and i have not buffed the nail in once place for this to happen.

The nail plate looked like I had previously put a tip on and over buffed it, causing sever ridge and very thin part, however this would be impossible as she has never had tips and i would never buff in one spot over and over. her nails are all natural just have the gel over them for strength.

Anyone have any experience of this?

Grace x
There is one 'rule' that is very solid.

An overlay (no matter what kind) does not do anything to a nail plate other than 'hitch a ride' on the surface of it while it is growing. Any thinning of the nailplate or ridges in the nailplate had to have happened before the overlay was applied.

You may not like to accept this fact of life, but that is the way it is. Your friend has obviously bent or otherwise caused some trauma to the nail or the damage would not have occurred to the plate. Gel is flexible, it is possible (though not usual) for a nail to bend and break and the gel not ... unusual, but if the plate itself was not as strong as the gel, it could happen.
Hi Geeg,
Thanks for the info, can totaly understand what you are saying and in 100% agreement, the only thing I am finding a little hard to work out is how the nail plate thinned in the first place.

My mate only ever comes to me and I always check her nails over each visit, prior to placing gel over her nails she had good nail plates they are very neat and of a good size and had no problems realy other than the fact that when she grew them out to far they would break, this is why she wanted the gel for strength.

So is it possible that the nail plate could have thinned like this if she had bent her nail back wards and then caused the crack and thinning under the gel. I must say I find it a tad weird and unusual but perhaps this can happen?

Thank you for the advice
Grace x
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