Cracks on acrylic nails


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May 4, 2012
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I am not a nail tech but i have been appyling arylic to my own nails for 1 year, i use the tip and dip method.

I always experience a problem were tiny cracks start developing over some of my nails after a day or two. The entire nail develops a web like cracking but it only happens on some of the applied nails.

Please can anyone direct me on what i am doing wrong and were my faults occur or direct me to a thread with more information on the problem.
It is difficult to give advice to someone who isn't trained hun because essentially you could be daaging your own nails quite badly without realising it.

I would say that perhaps the nails that are cracking are applied too thinly and without a good enough apex for strength.

If nails is a passion for you, why not consider training and learning the scientific and practical side ( that is what i did lol ) xxx
I have a full time job and attending night lectures so i cant go for training although i would love to.

Thanks for the advice and taking the time to reply
No problem xx
Does anyone else have any advice on the cracks in the arcylic
Tiny cracks are micro fractures formed by minute air bubbles causing stress and expanding as the product shrinks and cures. They then expand and shatter the nail.

This is due to improper application/ mix ratio during the cure process (24-48 hours)

The solution is as easy as getting adequate instruction and training on how to apply a product in the professional manner it was manufactured to ...

The same stress can potentially be passing through to the natural nail anday ultimately pull it off the nail bed. Or at the least it will be pulling the top late layers off the nail plate, thinning and weakening it

tbh tip and dip is not a great method, I trained in it but have long since abandoned it as the results are nothing compared to l&p/gels
Thank you very much, this really explains the problem well....Thank you for also taking the time to reply, this really does help me thank you

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