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Jan 15, 2012
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Wirral UK
Has any one used this brand of tan? If so what did you think of it. My local wholesalers has stopped using Sienna x and are now supplying Crazy Angel. Would like opinions before I buy.
Could you not get a sample?x
It's cheap....but found tan only lasted few days... tried 9% on some willing guinea pigs....they didn't like Would rather pay more for quality solution....
I like it, find the colour goes on well and develops nice and evenly. Doesn't look orange. 9% is the most common one I use with booster drops where necessary. Doesn't smell vile and clients like the way it wears off.

Get a small one and give it a bash, it's only about a tenner or so and you'll get a couple/few decent tans out of it.

I am trialling out crazy angel at the minute just on myself and a friend,I love the colour,however I'm finding it looks really shiny n wet and a nightmare to I doin something wrong?its lovely once guide colour has washed off though.

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I tried it out, i have to say smells amazing, not tempted to swtch thou. I thougth the guide colour was far to dark for 9%. Although the fade off was around 5-7days i was still impressed. I wasnt keen on the drying either but its one that i will keep in the back burner, purley because of the scent itself. Its downfall for me was the price differences in the dha% and the exculsivity in the stockist that supply it. xoxo
I trained with these, and the colours are excellent. The fade off is brilliant.

The only fault I have is that the %s are very large between. 6%, 9%, 13%. The 9% is very much darker than the 6% so if I have a client who is Inbetween I have to either make them too dark or too light. IYKWIM

I have switched to Suntana purely for that reason :)

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