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Sep 6, 2010
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Hi all
I have a picture on my website of a model with really funky hair (cut and colour) I'm trying to create something similar to replace it. Did a funky short style on one of my clients yesterday and she has agreed to be a model for me. My question is...has anyone used the crazy colours and how did you use them? Are they used on their own? Mixed with peroxide? And I will need to bleach some panels of hair first as there is colour on it already (base 5) is it ok to use the crazy colours on bleached hair? And has anyone found some of the colours to turn out better than others?
Open to any advice and suggestions :)
Thanks in advance
Kaylee :)
hiya, iv used crazy colours before on my friend and she loved them! You dont need to mix them with anything. I bleached the slices my friend wanted colouring first and then put the crazy colour on....hope this helps :) xxx
The only thing you need to be careful with is the haircolour after you bleached it. If it doesn't lift well you have to take that into account, so if her hair comes up to a yellow/orange and you put blue on, it might go green...
good luck!
Thanks for your replies :) so really I need to try and lift the bleach panels to a nice even colour first before applying the crazy colour? Xx
The darker the hair colour that you are starting with, the less vibrant the result is going to be. I think you'll be fine if the panels lift up reasonably well (doesn't have to be perfectly even). The really vibrant colours (bright pink, orange, red) usually give the best result for me. Maybe just avoid the blue. Do you have time to do a test piece?
i have used the crazy colours too and bleached it up beforehand!! The reds and pinks come out fab, i havn't tried orange though and the blue looked nice for a day then faded to a horrible wishy washy bluey green colour, although my client liked it :rolleyes:
Always the way :)
Thanks for the advice, will be doing it in the next few weeks so will let ya know how it goes and try and post a pic...if it turns out good lol

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