Creative Aprons at last


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Aug 7, 2003
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sudbury suffolk
:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: yipeeeee

i ave ordered my creative apron and will be recieving it in the next 2 days!!!

If you want one you need to get in quick!!!!

Heres da number 0113 275 5719

:D :D :D cazza
Yep, I got mine today! 8)

They are no longer 10.25 for 4 though, you just get the one for the same price. I wanted a couple but couldn't afford another one when I realised. :(

I don't mind though really because I'm just pleased I have got one! :D
Where did you order your Creative apron from? :D
Call 0113 275 5719 ask for sales

But I have to correct you there BN03 The Creative aprons have never been 10.25 for 4 - this has always bben the price to my knowledge for 1 unit.
Wicked got my apron today :cyclops: :silly: :trashed:

Also got my more than white so that is 2 things i am looking forward to using when i get back to work cos i have been off ill for the past few days

Cazz :pukeon: :pukeon: :pukeon: :pukeon:
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