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Jan 31, 2003
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Hiya everyone, I am thinkin of doin a creative course. I alreadt have NVQ and Vtct in advanced nails. I trained with NSI but would now like to start using creative, I have heard loads of tecs raving about it so i thought id give it a go. Any comments would be appreciated, eg price, location, duration, thanx in advance :D
Hi Amanda
There has been quite alot of input lately about CND charging for their conversion course to enable techs to use their products.
As the guys at CND say you are not really paying for training as the kit you buy includes it. It is right that they see a technician's level of work before letting them buy products and I think that is the responsible way all companies should approach it. They are not saying that your training with other companies is not good enough, but are taking the line that they want all techs to be able to use each brand safely.

I have recently attended one of their conversion training day's and I found it to be very interesting and informative.
The products are good and I would recommend any one to go for it.
Don't quote me here, but I think the course is £69.95 + VAT.

Call an Academy Advisor @ 0113-275-5719 to check dates, times, locations. We have over 30 Creative Academies throught the UK.

Good luck!
:p i have been using creative for 12 months and i find the products to be the best from what i see from others,the trainning is first class and you can keep improving with more trainning and if you need help now and again you can arrange one to one , which i find is a great help when i tend to slip a little with my smile lines.once you get together with an educater,try and stay with that one.i have been with my teacher from day one and i find this a plus as she knows me and how to make me improve by giving me a nudge in the right direction.phonr the number asap and get goingxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxgood luckxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hi amanda
i did a creative conversion course and have not looked back since you do it girl you will love it

:D :D :D
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