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May 21, 2003
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Ascot - Berkshire
Hi guys!!

I have a teeeny wee bit of a problem.... :huh:
I was browsing through the catalogue the other day and saw the creative performance forms and thought "yeah... they look the part... I am running low so might as well order some". So I did...
I tried to fit them last night and ended up :rofl: :rofl: ..! I just couldn't work them out!! Is there a trick? :huh: Do you need to be :silly: to understand?? :D
Anyhow, I need HELP!!!! Please please please someone.... explain what the little flaps and dotted lines are for!!! Which way do you fold them? Looks like a bug when they are fitted... :D
Hi Nats,

YOu're right, an explanation would help!! :D

So here it is:

The Creative Performance Forms are designed to 'hold' the perfect C Curve for you without having to pinch the form into a cone shape - which then destroys the C Curve of most other forms.

First tear off a performance Form

Then Fold DOWN along the first LONG perforation line
Then fold UP the little flap.

Repeat on the other side. (I always have lots of these pre-prepared in my drawer to save time during an appointment)

Then fit the form in the normal way and save the 'centre piece' to stick across under the two small flaps to hold the C Curve in place for you.

The Performance Forms are also coated with Teflon (non stick pan stuff) so you can sculpt with any medium be it Gel or Fibreglass or L&P and it will pop right off easily when finished.

I have one on my thumb now and... looks like an aircraft!! :rofl:
Anyway, good idea to stick the middle bit to hold the C curve... They seem to really stay put and feel well secure :thumbsup:
Is there a reason for the 2 flaps at the back tho?? Doesn't have the same kick without them up...:D
Looks kind of like the 'Starship Enterprise' :D

Anyway what I do with the 2 flaps at the back is:

When I get the Performance Form into the correct position I slide my two thumbs up the finger and tuck those little flaps under the finger and it feels and is super secure. It does look a little less like the 'Starship Enterprise' at this point I have to agree :D
Hi Nats & Geeg
I prefer sculpting & I have to say that these Creative Peformance Forms are the best I have ever used! Although I had to work all the flaps out for myself Natalie LOL! Tried a couple of variations (read: a couple crumpled into the bin!) then it finally clicked. :rolleyes:

.... oh, you so clever Venus woman!!! :salute:
I was laughing too much to carry on trying anyway... and it was late... and ... well, that's my excuse!! :blush:
But now that I have had my own personal tutorial... (thanks!) I shall be fitting little Starship Enterprises to every new full set client... whether they want it or not!! ;)
On a more serious note, I wonder if they come in different colours???? :trashed:
On a more serious note, I wonder if they come in different colours???? :trashed:

Hi Nats, I'm assuming we are talking about the 'Starship Enterprize' performance forms :?: :rolleyes: The answer is.... they only come in blue and silver - I have never seen or heard about them coming in any other colour ways!! JOOI (just out of interest) - why :huh: when you throw them away! :? If I am completly off track here :oops: kill me!! ;)
You are not off track at all.... I was just in what one these moods... and it's friday... :D :D
I thought it could add some fun in the already fun world of nails!! ;)
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