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Mar 22, 2004
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Rudgwick, West Sussex
Hi everyone

I'm booked to go on the creative conversion course in Action on 26th April. Does anyone know whether you are allowed to keep your own nails on to do the couse or do I have to remove them first?

Also it says to bring your tools of the trade, what does this mean?


Hi Kirsty

I believe you can keep on your own nails as you work on your models nails in the afternoon.

The tools of the trade are; curette, cuticle pusher, tip cutter, white towel, paper towels, manicure cushion, files (not sure), pen and paper, passport sized photo. hygiene items like barbicide jar and solution along with sanitation spray. if l have missed anything (probably have) someone is sure to say. Don't forget not allowed to wear denim.

Look forward to seeing you there as l am also booked in for that day. Are you as excited?

take care, hope this is helpfull!!
Hi Kirsty

It is entirely upto you if you attend the class wearing enhancements, you will not be working on each other during the class as you are required to either take a model or work on a trainer (if you have one). The tools of the trade you will have to take along with you are your cuticle pusher, curved scissors, tip cutters, towel and paper roll.

Hope this helps. :biggrin:

Yes I am very excited, have been using Star Nails L&P but don't like their products. I bought the Retention+ at Olympia and have been trying it out and it is brilliant, much better, so can't wait to do some more training as it has been a year now since I qualified.

See you there!!!

You will need to remove your nails because the homework is to tip and overlay your own nails.
You learn on the trainer in the class, but before they can let loose on your model, they like you to do your own nails as homework.
I hope I haven`t burst any bubbles here but its better to be prepared because I think the course is so involved that you really don`t need the time wasted on removing your enhancements whilst it can be put to better use creating those beautiful nails that you`ll all be doing.
Having said that, the course is fun and you`ll have a great time
Hey Debs, I think you are thinking of the FDFC, not the Foundation course ;)
Yes I was, sorry about that, but looks like you`re as confused as me too Sam, FDFC is same as Foundation isn`t it?
Maybe you should just delete my post and leave it at that, lol
Duh. I havent had any caffine yet ;)

I meant that the you were thinking the FDFC and she was talking conversion :green:
Oh, now you've got me really confused!!!!

So do I take it that I can leave my nails on? (I'm doing the 1 day conversion course). My course is on the Monday and I'm away all the weekend before so if I have to take my nails off I should probably do it before I go away, as I don't really want to have to spend all Sunday evening soaking off my nails.


Sorry for confusing the thread.
DEBBIE STARTED IT (and I carried it further).

To answer your question... no you do not need to remove your nails for the conversion course. ;)
Hi Kirsty,

I did the conversion about a month ago now, and i was the same as you, not sure whether to leave my nails on or take them off. I decided to take mine off, as i didnt want to look a fool if everyone else had taken theirs off! Well, i have the stubbiest little fingers so when i take off my nails i feel like im naked!! Well, when i got there, all of the ladies had the most gorgeous long nails ever!! Yep, they all had their nails on, so i sat there all day with my little stubby nails feeling self concious!!
As for tools of the trade i took, my pusher plus, nippers, didnt need files as we were advised to buy some form the creative shop, along with lots of other things ( i think i spent about 130pounds so be prepared!), also i took paper towel, although it wasnt essential as they gave us some, you just need your usual tools that you use when you do nails on a client. Everything else you will need will be in the kit you get.

Hope this is of some help.

Michelle - Oh and good luck - you'll love it!!!!
Thanks everyone, I'm now clear on what I need to take and about my nails!!!

Looking forward to doing the training!

Hi Michelle - Please could I be cheeky and ask how long had you been doing L&P before you converted onto Creative?
I have just done my conversion course and all you need to take is tip cutters, cuticle pusher, curette, towel, paper towel and passport photo. You will get all you need in your kit (including files). The only thing that I had to purchase was girlfriend buffers. I would advise you to take a little extra money to buy extra cool blue, scrubfresh and cuticle remover.
the main things i advise my students to buy are:
a brush case
prep pack(kit incl. cuticle remover, acid-free primer, larger scrubfresh, & cool blue)
pk of 4 girlfriends
possibly more abrasives.

the other kit items will last sufficiently untill they make their 1st order.
liza xxx
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