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Jun 22, 2003
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hi all ,i have been today and had my new extensions done by a local creative nail tech i think they are absolutely wonderful , and i was telling her that i was hoping to do the foundation course myself and was awaiting details , however i then mentioned a girl educator in liverpool her name is paula i think and that she was offering the creative training and that she said i could get a reference off creative as to her qualifications my tech today then said that "paula"is in conflict with creative and sets up accounts to sell to her students. does anyone know anything about this.
Paula was a Creative Ambassador for about 5 years but due to salon and personal commitments, gave up her Ambassador status. She runs what we call a secondary school. She is no longer a CREATIVE NAIL ACADEMY and can not certify with a CND certificate; she is not eligable to teach Creative Spa or Masters! I would suggest a recognised Creative Nail Academy - Manchester or Amanda Reevell (the Wirral). Please call the Academy Sales Department for details!! 0113 275 0433!!
Hope this clarifies and FYI - Paula still runs a very successful salon called the Gallery (I think it's Prescott Road) - that's off the top of my head :huh:
hi annieke

i was in a similar predicament to yourself last year as i too live in liverpool and was wanting creative training. After talking to my friend i was advised to take the course with Amanda Reevel in Cheshire and i was absolutely delighted that i did!

Creative training is second to none as well as the support that the ambassador and the acadamy/company offer you even after leaving the course. Amanda is a fantastic and very inspiring lady and i can assure you, you wont be sorry to travel that little bit further to get the right training.

Hope this helps...good luck

Nicolajane x
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