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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
hi, i do not have any polishes to retail at present (lots of other bits ie files solar oil top coats ).
what i want is a nice display or like some of the cretive handbag type thingy - not the lulu the other one... what sort of prices are they not in latest catalogue nedd colours that are most popular.. any ideas
hi Jen

all our enamels are £2.95 each excluding VAT.....however,
we have a deal on where if you buy eighteen colours two of each colour (36 in total) you recieve a free creative enamel rack which is worth £38!

the popular colours at the minute are as follows

Make a wish
Cream puff
Moonlight and Roses

to name but a will not go wrong with these as they are currently the biggest sellers.

if you phone Designer Nails business services they will be more than happy to send you a colour chart, the number is....0800 3160213

hope this has helped!

Just to 'officially' post the top 15 selling open stock colours of the past 90 days:

  1. Negligee
  2. Cream Puff
  3. Moonlight and Roses
  4. Strawberry Smoothie
  5. Rose Bud
  6. Tutti Frutti
  7. Transparent touch
  8. Lighten Up
  9. Spike
  10. Make a wish
  11. Glam Queen
  12. Prom night
  13. Hot Chillis
  14. Gotcha
  15. Chilled Champagne

    This does not take into acocunt enamels sold in collections or sets... only sold open stock. This is also an average over the past 3 months. Any new hot selling enamels may have not made it in.

    I know I posted this info about 6 months ago and was recently asked to post an updated version.
for that.. what colours are in the bag thingy's like the open box thing

sorry went off to look in nail pro.. but spotted the vanity unit thingy... when is that out... cos i could order any creative polishes that clients specifically want has i do have colour passport chart thingy....
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