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I have been having so much fun doing this as a few on this site already know ;) i have done the ruby red slipper mix as featured in november nails magazine which i have on my nails at the moment Ruth also has this on hers :D

I did mix up a wonderful purple glitter using purple mosaic black mosaic and purple glitter dust only someone liked this so much she now has it :tongue:

I have also done blue's and pink's just play and have fun but i warn you once you start it's addictive :D :D
All the coloured powders are meant to be mixed together to form bazillions of different shades and more subtle shades. Have fun.


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Sep 29, 2003
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has anybody tried to mix the powders..maybe the metropowder silver with "ultra white" or the mosaicpowder blue with create new colours?? or maybe the pink powder with some metropwoder ????
Just to let you know, I was told that if I choose to mix glitter in with my powder then I should work to the ratio of 2 parts powder: 1 part glitter.

You can make loads of it, but that is the best way apparently so that it has enough acrylic powder in it for it to bond with your nail plate.

You can buy the Glitter from Creative, and comes in some gorgeous colours.

I have white glitter tips with a pink glitter underneath, but the pink glitter is a bronzy kind of pink. I think it is called Shell Pink. It looks pretty cool.
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