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Mar 13, 2004
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first off i am not creative trained but i have read some many good reports about solar butter that i would like to try it on my own hands. My hands are really dry at the moment and my avoplex lotion that i use just doesnt seem to be helping.
Does any one know where i can purchase some to try online as i living in the middle of nowhere. also anyone who has used it what do you think
i use the solar butter on myself and on clients it has become abit of a favourate...if you go to you will find it there with the other solar products...starting from £3.30 for mini pot etc...

hope this helps, try it you will love it!
Kat xxx
Not 100% but I think our very own JackieMc might sell it her website is
Its great
You can buy it directly from Designer Nails or One Stop Nail Shops - Creative Nail Place sell Creative Products at nearer retail prices rather than trade prices. Go to the main distributor rather than a middle man. For example the little 15gm size as a prof you can buy for about £1.35 plus VAT (in a pack of 20) - at Creativenailplace they are selling them to you for £3.00 odds. The next size (3.5oz) is £6.05 and 7oz is £10.90.
I've run out of it anyway..... but ask Creative if they have any sample sizes - I had a little sachet sent to me with an order once and I was hooked on it! It is lovely - I use it all the time!
LOVE OPI.............

You're in luck, just had a quick search and I have ONE Solar Butter sachet left. PM me your address and I'll post it out free to you.
Thank you so much Jackie I have sent you a PM
Love OPI said:
Thank you so much Jackie I have sent you a PM

It's on it's way............... and you're welcome. ;)
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