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Mar 16, 2004
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Hi guys wondered if you could help, i know first of all i should speak to Creative but the last 2 days have promised myself to ring them and unable to whilst at work and then by the time i get home it goes onto the mail box message, so hoping for some assistance from here as im getting a bit impatient now, i did a gel nail extension course back in February 2003, i then took another gel course in birmingham in March 2004, these courses were only for a day and i received a certificate on both occasions. I have never been satisfied with the gel system ive been taught (on both occasions hence taking it again) i feel that the training was not sufficient and didnt learn half of what I feel i should have and really want to take the Creative Conversion Course would i be able to do this now? or do i have to wait also can someone tell me what days the courses are?

thanks in advance x
Coversions are Thursdays in Leeds! Can you not call during your lunch break? The AA's are there from 9:00 to 5:00 and if you have left a message with a contact number (maybe your mobile) they will get back to you as soon as they get the message! Unfortunately - you will have to put up with me on a night time and now (because of my job move 2yrs ago) I can't always be precise! Officially you have done 2 days training that you are unsatisfied with and you don't make it clear what experience you have had in between... I would suggest you need more than a conversion because it sounds like you haven't had what you needed initially! I would be happy to forward a mobile number if you want to PM me and the Creative Academy Advisers can help!! ;)
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