Creative ..... what can i say!!! Im in love!!


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Apr 18, 2003
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I decided to bite the bullet and order the Rentention + starter kit, after having some problems with my very very cheap generic products i have been using, yes bad bad bad me :oops:

Oh my god Oh my god what a wonderful wonderfull product!!!!

I have been blabbering to geeg the last few days almost in tears with the joy over the difference this has made to my work and to my clients!!

The colour is perfect !! the workability is perfect , i couldnt belive the firm little ball i got on my brush and the way it just glides on , scrubfresh oohhhh how beautiful, solar oil omg what can i say!! im still a blubbering mess lol

Filing you ask??? what filing!!!! i reduced my full set time by 20 mins!!
I used only my 220 grit file to shape and refine and then used my soft buffer and cuticle oil, it was amazing.

I had 4 clients today and used it on all of them , one of them was a soak off and new set from another salon , she had had a very bad experience with them, but instead of bad mouthing them i enphasised that i was using the BEST professional product on the market and that she wont have any of the problems she was having before, well after i finished her set she didnt even want polish, and it was just a pink set no whites, she was estatic and jumping up and down, and i mean literally, running around showing the hairdressers and other clients LOL i was like someone likes my work that much? :shock:

The other 3 ladys in the salon getting colours in thier hair came over and booked appointments with me !!!!! they were so impressed :D

Im just floating today and i have this wonderful product called creative to thank for it, my work has improved like 300 % over night!!! and all my 4 clients today loved it !!!

A big thank you to geeg who helped me with all my questions and i couldnt have done so well without her unfailing advice :D

If you need a sales person for creative im yours!!!!

(no i didnt recieve any payment for all this LOL )

I just wanted to share a wonderful experience with a wonderful product and if you arnt using it oh my god you should be!!!!

One satisfied and happy over the moon nail tech!!
Kerrie :D
Hi Kerrie,

That's really good news! Twenty minutes off your time - WOW - seems like your training and products were worth every penny!

I hope I'll be posting similar news after my Foundation course in a couple of weeks. I can't wait and reading posts like yours makes me even more excited!!!

All the best,

I did my training 11 years ago, and never bought creative because of the price, my thinking was how can it be so different the other stuff is just as good, does the same thing, well i was ignorant for 11 years but not anymore :D

And im using ALOT less product so its not really any more expensive that the cheap horrible brands i have been using in the past :)

Kerrie :)
Im so pleased for you kerrie,

Im sure you can share your new found love with all of us, we're all a bit nutty about Creative.......... lol

I'm beginning to think I've got Creative Nail Design stamped all over my inner organs!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Kerrie, :D
Well I can understand this.... ;) .......
Now I am not creative trained in L&P.. :oops: ...........

Got hooked on creative one product by one............
First it was the solar oil, then the other solar stuff, then the scentsations, then the scrubfresh, then anything else I could purchase, not being an L&P girl. the L&P stuff what out of the question.............
And quiet right to, they are a responsible company who take Nails and the succes of their products seriously... 8) ..............

But hey then someone thought of FABRIC#.
Boy what a great alternative to L&P. :idea:
I love the stuff. My clients love it and are well impressed by the results.... ;) ;) ......

Cheap no, economical yes and like all get what you pay for..... :!: :!: .......
There is only one way to go and thats creative , even for Fibreglass/Silk girls like me.... :!: ..................

Had to share this with you :D
love Ruth xxxx
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