CreativeSpa exfoliating crystals and activator


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Apr 13, 2004
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Anchorage, Alaska
How do these work together? How do you use them?
The way the SpaManicure Exfoliating Crystals work is very clever.

The Exfoliating Crystals are a rich blend of crystalline citric acid with Vitamins C & E for first phase exfoliation of the hands and arms. It must be used in conjunction with Crystal Activator.

This is how it works: There are 2 phases of exfoliation during the SpaManicure treatment. The first is physical the 2nd is chemical. To begin with the citrus crystals act as a physical exfoliator during the first massage, then when you add the Crystal Activator, the crystals burst and the AHA in the crystals does the 2nd phase exfoliation. Crystal Activtor is an ultra moisturizing cream serum with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, specifically designed and pH balanced to activate Exfoliating Crystals, allowing the AHA complex to penetrate the skin.

The skin looks feels and is amazing after this treatment. I hope this answers your question.
Ah! Cool. Thanks for answering my Q. :)
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