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Feb 6, 2003
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Aveley, Essex
Hi All,

This is now starting to do my head in!! I'm looking at getting a mobile credit card terminal but I have no idea where to get it from! Everyone that I have looked at varies so much - some with set-up fees, some without.

Now, I'm a one-man band but I want to introduce this facility as a way of potentially increasing sales. The problem is that I need to keep my costs down (don't we all!!). I've looked into Silverpay which look really good but at £35 a month rental and 5% transaction fees I think this is going to be more than I can afford as I can't see making more than that to give me a profit.

Then I've looked at CardSave through the Abbey which looks ok - no setup fees, reasonable rental per month at £15 + vat but it means the hassle of changing my business account from HSBC which I can do without just before christmas.

I've looked at a few others that have been suggested on the other threads like this and I'm still stuck!! I ideally want this asap so could ayone give me ANY help!!

I've also put this in the Biz Geek but I'm trying to get as many replies as poss.