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Mar 24, 2010
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The preliminary votes are in and counted, and the shortlist for the nation’s favourite suppliers and training schools has been announced.

Five companies comprise the eleven categories in the Guild Awards of Excellence, which aims to honour different disciplines within the beauty industry. Now the decision is up to you, with the eventual winners picked by the therapists and nail technicians that shape our business.

So if you think your skincare supplier deserves a big thank you, or your uniform partner never lets you down, take part in recognising their skilled contribution to deliver the very best service and product quality.

The shortlisted companies are:

Best Customer Services:
Beauty Express
Delicate Touch Therapy School
Essential Nails
Eve Taylor
Skin Base

Best Web Services
Beauty Express
Essential Nails
Eve Taylor
Sweet Squared

Best Skincare Supplier
Beauty Express
Eve Taylor
Susan Molyneux

Best Nails Supplier
Bio Sculpture
Essential Nails
Natural Nail Company/Jessica
Sweet Squared

Best Tanning Supplier
Fake Bake
Sienna X
St Tropez

Best Uniform Supplier
Florence Roby
Inline London
La Beeby
Salonwear Direct
Simon Jersey

Best Equipment/Furniture Supplier
Beauty Express
Goddess International
Skin Base

Best Hair Removal Supplier
Australian Bodycare
Beauty Express
Hive Of Beauty
Perron Rigot

Best Wholesaler
Beauty Express
Dennis Williams

Best Training School
Carlton Institute
Delicate Touch Therapy School
Gateway Workshops
ISIS Massage & Beauty Training
OASIS-TIME Beauty & Holistic Academy

Best Supplier Specific Training
Bio Sculpture
Essential Nails
Eve Taylor
Sweet Squared

Please note: you can only vote for one company per category. Voting closes on 5 November 2010, and the winners will be announced on 12 November 2010.

To vote for your favourites, go to Beauty Guild : Guild Awards Of Excellence and complete the form or email your name, job title and votes to [email protected].


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I cant believe we are nominated it was such a shock but a nice one !! :lol::lol::lol: its like seeing Stockport County in the champions league,!!!
We dont expect to win but been nominated is a very very big Honour, We are a family company, we employ our family and friends and we all share the same passion, and commitment to succeed by being totally honest and open and doing exactly what we say we will,
we will not offer false promises or let people down, we treat our customers as We would expect to be treated,
every one in our company cares about its future and success as its their future,
we have had some nightmares with couriers, but we always overcome them we drove up the to leek (140 mile round trip) in a 22 year old 4x4 (my big boys mud toy :lol: ) when there was 6 inches of snow on the ground and the courier could nt get through one thursday night, so that a bride to be and her bridesmades looked like they were in Limasol in july not Leek in January.
any one who deals with us knows how committed we are to our customers and that we are ALWAYS !! available,
Myself n Madame Nouvatan would just like to say huge thank you to who ever amongst you on here and the subscribers to the guild magazine for nominating us xxx
Give us another few years, and keep spreading the love and we will win it for you all!! thank you for the support
Well, I am not so surprised we are nominated although I am honoured to see that we are. I know that each and every single one of the tutors involved in Isis Therapy Training are dedicated tutors, excellent practitioners, successful therapists and I am blessed that they are associated with my Nationwide Training Company. So just to be nominated is an acknowledgement for all the tutors which says that their hard work, dedication and commitment is well recognised by every single student who passes through our doors. Over the years we have welcomed students who have travelled from Japan, France, Spain and Ireland to name but a few to train with us. Our tutors have travelled and delivered training in some gorgeous locations. Every day we deliver the promises set by our mission statement,
Mission statement: "As an established industry provider of holistic therapy diplomas, our aim is to provide you with first class, professional and accredited training and to assist you in the growth of a successful career, helping to develop the therapist within".
So to every single person who voted to get us short listed - a huge thank you from me and from Lorna - Midlands, Mike - Bradford, Catherine - Swindon, Teresa - Bristol, Ann - Durham and Karen - Hemel Hempstead.


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