Curling nails... makes them lift!!


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May 21, 2003
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Hi all,

One of my clients has a real bad case of curling nails. :evil:
It has only started to happend in the last 3 to 4 weeks and it now makes the gel come off at the f/e. Annoying... She has her Solar Oil which she uses daily, have also asked her to put some oil under the nail rather than just on cuticles, have shortened the nails to reduce the curling.... Still curling. :rolleyes:
Anything else we can do? Any ideas?
Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Nats,
Well the dreaded curly wurly, sweet by name not so sweet by nature.
Solar oil is fab as long as she does use it every day and under the nail too, keeps the natural nail, nice an plumped up, so it doesn't dry out like a shriveled up prune.
When you do the gel do you take it over the free edge to seal in the free edge. Capping the edge so to speak??? Do you do, all the filing and shaping prior to the gel application ???
If not give that a try
Hope this helps
love Ruth xxx
Hello again Ruth!!

I do do all this!! :D I file down and re-shape before the gel comes anywhere near the nail, and I have tried putting gel almost all around the f/e as if trying to also get gel on the underside of the nail. I know she is using her Solar Oil regularly because her cuticles where dreadful when she first came to see me and now they do look much much much better. She has only started putting it under the nail in the last couple of weeks though but it really doesn't seem to help much.... Don't know...
will keep going with the solar oil, maybe it takes a little longer to work...
I've had the same problem with a friend who swares she has never had curly nails until I put the gel on.

..... worse still, after I did a soak-off on my own nails one of mine was starting to curl.

I was wondering if you have solved your curling nail problem and how.
I have a client who I soaked off yesterday and her natural nails were really long, normally i ask them if they would like them overlayed, rather than have them cut down and tipped or sculped, there was no way i could offer her this, her nail had curled really bad i have never seen this before.

I did a search on here to see what had been said about it, now it seems to me its all about them drying out and curling away from the tips but hers didn't do that, it was just after soaking them off that they all curled as if the acrylic was holding them in shape and as soon as that was off they just all clappsed to the shape they wanted to be, this client is a Holistic therapist, she does all sorts, reflexology, sports massage, swedish body massage and Aromatherapy do you think all the stuff she is using could be helping to cause this

She also had a crack in the acrylic on the free edge

any help would be great
this client is a Holistic therapist, she does all sorts, reflexology, sports massage, swedish body massage and Aromatherapy

Crikey, how does she manage all this with long nails? I thought you had to keep them short so as not to score your client!! :shock:

Normally she has them short, she likes the neatness of them compared to her own nails, she feels it makes her hands look so much nicer. On this occasion thought at her last infill she didn't have them filed down so on my next visit they were long, well long for her, which might still be short for other people lol. I think she copes ok, she's always very busy,
any way do you think its just a case of making sure she puts the cuticle oil under her nails as well as on top.
I thought the only thing to avoid is by making sure the natural nail is capped around the edges with product and by solar oil around and underneath the nail, but with Nats still having trouble I am at a loss.
I have to say as a massage therapist that my nails don`t ever get in my way or cause any damage to clients, you get used to using them in whatever you do
Well, she gave up in the end!!
She is now going to a Bio Sculpture tech because her friend convinced her that her nails never ever had that problem.... well, of course she hasn't!! She gets a new set every 4 weeks!! :shock: She has tips and gel applied, then 1 infill, then soak off, cut, tips and gel.... and so on....
She still comes to me for other services so I still quickly check on her nails every now and again!! ;)
Still... a new set every month.... waaaaoo... :?

It has always been my experience that the weaker the natural nail the more it will pull away from the enhancement. Once we cover the natural nail it also starts to produce more moisture than normal. This makes it even more flimsy. It just sort of flaps around underneath there and it usually starts by pulling away on the sides first. I find this happens even worse when I use a tip instead of sculpting. The glue breaks down after about 4-6 weeks from full set and the nail starts to pull away from the product slightly on the sidewalls. This is when I file any lifting spots and replace product.

Also, if the nails are really curvy to begin with they tend to curl down on the sides more and pull away. You have to make sure to make good contact with the sides of the nail with the product in this case to get proper coverage so the natural nail does not bend and flex at the sidewalls causing lifting.

I know that certain mfg's do not recommend drilling out the nail underneath, however I do sometimes have to do this on some people when the lifting occurs right at the free edge. I file down the free edge getting rid of most of the lifting, bevel their nail right at the edge of the product where it tends to lift, and put glue to seal. This is of course as long as the nail isn't completely lifted. If it is completely lifted away then I have to re-do the nail.

In a perfect world, every client would have strong nails, but in the real world most clients come to us because the don't have genetically strong nails. So, you have to do what you do, give them solar oil, watch your sidewalls to make sure product is applied correctly, watch out for when tip starts to grow out, bevel free edge and apply glue, etc. Gosh, did any of that make any sense? I am typing this at 8:30am! I just woke up......

leigh ann
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