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Nov 5, 2007
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Hi everyone!!
I have wanted to start custom blending on myself to extend the smile line and not have any poking through. I use ezflow and was wondering if anyone has used the HD competition cover pink??? It says its supposed to cover imperfections and damaged nails. Does it work because if so i would like to start using it on myself before i invest on buying multiple colors and mixing and using on clients.:rolleyes::rolleyes:Thanks everyone
Hi i have used this cover pink, but i dont like it it looks too pink and the wrong type too. You could maybe add some other colours to it to tone it down a bit.

This thread is quite interesting..

I also find the HD cover pink a bit too pink......but I have extended my nail beds with it in a thin layer and then gone over my zones 2 & 3 with a glitter powder....I used Foxy Lady....and you can't see the Cover Pink through the gitter powder. Gives a great look.

If your clients aren't for a glittery look then Anthony Buckley has a great recie for a custom blend which is
5 parts A polymer Natural
3 or 4 parts Pansy ( depending on how much opacity you want)
small amount Wallflower to cut the pink.

Again this mix can be tweaked with other colours tuntil you get the right shade for your clients skin tone. HTH

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