Customers demanding discount or refunds ?


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Archie Lloyds

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Nov 4, 2022
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Anyone else get threatened with bad reviews if you don't do what they want ?

For example, customer buys hair extensions
Customer wears hair extensions for months, posts on socials "omg love this hair "
Comments from her friends "Hun your hair is amazing "

Customer has been on holidays
Customer uses pound land shampoo
Customer also used purple shampoo
Customer " couldn't be a""ed with a proper Maintenance routine !

fast forward 10 months
I receive a message, my hairs faulty I want a refund or new hair.

When I explain the hair has been well worn and used not to mention she openly admitted to following the correct after care and the extensions still looked great after all this, dry but still wearable!, she then proceeded to tell me she would leave a bad review if I didn't give her new hair and she would tell all her mates !

Please tell me I am not the only one ?

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