Cuticle Oil & Aftercare?


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Sara Satchell

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Apr 14, 2004
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Near Chester
Over the past few weeks I have "gleaned" a fair bit of information from this site - alot of which seems to be fairly basic stuff - like advising clients to use cuticle oil at home as part of their aftercare routine - but, i'm sad to say that some of this basic stuff wasn't included on my BU19 in 2002. Maybe I just switched off?? - I very much doubt it as like everyone else here I LOVE NAILS!! As for the cuticle oil thing - if a client had some areas of lifting (when on holiday), and was using oil - would this not make the problem worse?
If lifting were already present, then using oil would not help.

Nails lift when the product becomes dried out (amongst other things) so the challenge is to keep the product from drying out in the first place hence ... use the oil from day one, once or twice per day.

If you think lifted areas are a normal part of having nail enhancements than this is not the case. Lifting should not be a common theme when doing a rebalance. If it is, then something is wrong either with the product , the application or the PREP.

99% of the time it is down to an incomplete PREP.
I have about 10 regular clients at the moment, and i'd say about half of them have lifting problems. I am very thourough with my prep, perhaps even too much so - as I have become really paranoid about the lifting, but the same clients have problems again and again. Where I can, I correct the problem or if need be I redo a full set free of charge), but my confidence is so low at the moment....I really feel like giving up.

Im using NSI products, but was hoping to attend the Creative Conversion Course on 9 August in Tarporley. I work from home, so I don't have anyone to compare notes with, I don't know what's normal and what's not - I was always under the impression that SOME lifting was normal after 2/3 weeks?
It is true Sarah that when the balance goes, it does put pressure on zone 3 (the cuticle area) and this can cause lifting with some products where the bond is not as strong as it could be. BUT equally, it is not the norm to see lifting up to 3 weeks. And you should not accept this as normal.

One thing that can help your clients to avoid lifting is to get them to do a little bit of maintenance, after week 2 ,at home. Teach them how to reduce the length only just a little (say a mm) so that there is no pressure on zone 3. It's all about prevention and if a little home maintenance can help to avoid problems for you then teach them how to do it.
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