Dashing diva and wrap treatments , does this sound ok?


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Nov 18, 2009
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Im going to be charging £20 for DD on hands and £20 for TNW on toes, as I understand it's not advisable to soak with either of these does this sounds ok?

Dashing Diva Perfect French Manicure approx 45 mins

Sanitise, File and shape, cuticle work, hand scrub, hand massage, application of DD wraps,

Trendy Nail Wraps for Toes 45 mins

Sanitise, file, cut and shape, cuticle work, application of TNW, foot massage, cuticle oil

Neither feet or hands will be soaked,

Do these sound ok and also does the price point? at the moment I charge £20 for gel toes and standard pedi £18 and lux pedi £24 and manis are £16. £22 and £20 for gel

Thanks in advance
AJ x

A quick tip, dont put cuticle oil on after TNW's! They will lift very quickly if you do. Doesnt seem to happen with minx ( which is strange) but i now dont put oil on either.

I also dont do scrub with my DD and am sparing with the cream for hand massage. (Just make sure you really dehydrate nail plate after.

And yes never soak with either.

I charge £22 for DD and £25 for Minx / TNW's in salon and have heard no complaints from my clients. So i think your prices sound good to me.
I do think it depends on what type of area you are based in and whether the clients mind spending their cash, But it sounds fair to me!

Hope this helps, I love both these products!:) x
Thanks for your reply, I was adding the scrubs and creams/massage as I feel like im not giving a proper service otherwise, maybe i should cut those out and just do the cuticles and file/shape and apply the product, just dont want my customers to feel like they are being short changed!

AJ x
I know it can seem like a lot to charge when the client is not receiving the extras, but i explain to my clients that the products need a dry nail base to give them the best results and that this is a totally different treatment to a standard mani.

Explain the benefits against a standard polish and they will choose the DD / Minx / TNW's everytime!

There is nothing to stop you applying creams once DD topcoat is 100% dry if you want to? But as for the scrub, I often find this a waste of time with even a standard mani. (unless they have sandpaper hands) haha

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