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Dec 5, 2010
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Jackson, ms
Hello! I just purchased two packs of these appliques and couldn't wait to put one nail on each hand over my existing shellac. :) and I love it!

So I was curious if anyone had any tips n tricks for making these last the advertised 2 weeks with gel polish and one week on natural. I've read the instructions but anything extra will b greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
I have used these, but did not like them. I think they are a bit too thick. After top coating and sealing the edges, I still managed to catch them on things. They also started to peel and lint was sticking to the tips of my nails. I have found that the thinner the appliqué the better results you will have. I personally like the Sally Hansen brand better than the Dashing Diva brand. They are thin, easy to stretch for a better fit, and stay on. If the appliqués are made from real nail polish, I find that they work better.

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