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Jo Jo

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Oct 6, 2003
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:( Hi Guys.... Just looked in my local paper and ANOTHER two nail salons opening in my town, thats like 5 in the last month! I have only been open 3 months, have a few good regulars who have been to everyone else in town and insist my nails are the best and have the longest life!! :D .... how on earth am I going to compete with all these other places??? One salon is offering FREE airbrushing!!! When I opened I insisted I was not going to involve myself in any competition with other salons but it's just getting silly now in my town! I have persuaded my father that me going on a CND foundation course is a worthwhile investment as I am positive no-one else does P&W in my town, been the only salon doing gels but now they have all jumped on that bandwagon. I know I might sound a little bitter but it's my business and I am panicking!!! Any advice most welcome! Jx (Jo UK)
i'd say make yourself stand out. If you are NOT doing pink and white, you definitely should be (that's what being a nail tek is all about right :? ). Make yourself perform the most gorgeous looking nails so that they (and you / your salon) stand out a mile!! People will recognise your nails because of their beauty (and also longevity). Don't be one of the masses... :shock: dare to be different AND better!!! ;)
Thanks Sam (Mrs) :) I really set myself up for a fall as although messed about with nails for 10 years, only took the Essential Nails course in gel and although it has some good stuff in there I seriously need some thorough training, spent a day with Sabrina Malik but as soon as I got home and tried to sculpt a set...well lets just say Stonehenge came to Derbyshire!!! I am absolutely determined to master it though! I have always been a perfectionist and my ego won't let me be anything but the best I can be (does this sound like an oscar speech???)... so any doubt I had about taking the foundation course are gone, I'm going for it! Jx
pinkrainbow said:
Thanks Sam (Mrs) :) so any doubt I had about taking the foundation course are gone, I'm going for it! Jx

Stick to your guns J! :!: :!: You WILL be a great tek and you WON'T regret your decision!! :salute:
Sawasdee kha

Mrs geek speak number 1 for you i think not worry too much another shop just take care your shop and your customer .

Keep learn and make beautifull nail and customer come to your shop for sure if you want after learn airbrushing your shop you can learn very easy but i think beautifull nail number 1 .

I think if you can do creative very good for your shop for future and money go out first but have come back because you learn for future and have many time for make nail and work and enjoy .

Kop khun kha mui
Wahoo!!!! took the academy papers for my dad to have a look at today and he has agreed to pay for me to do the foundation course!!! Hopefully will get on the Oct 19th in Notts if it isn't full!!! gonna sort it out tomorrow. I'm so excited, it's like.....Christmas!!!!! :goal:
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