Debbie's hair extensions -Emmerdale


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Apr 18, 2012
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Tyne and Wear
would everyone say they look like 22"?
I like to do a "get this look" advert to my customers.....
they haven't really got any layering done to them either have they? anyone know what hair she uses
Thought it was her natural hair lol, shows how good I am haha x
Defiantly extensions sometimes you's see the bonds :( awful!
I'd say 20 or 22 x
I thought it was her Nat hair too??
I'm sure in an interview she said it was her natural hair.
I thought it was her hair too. I've never seen any bonds? X
in an interview in inside soap (im sad i know!!!) she said its her own hair x

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I've tweeted her to ask but no reply haha! Her hair was v long before she went blonde anyway I think lol

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