Different types of wax?


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Mar 10, 2010
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Hello! I'm still at college just about to finish NVQ 2 and just have to ask a question about wax. I have a feeling this is a really obvious question but I am still new to this :o

The warm wax we use at college is by Hara and it's one that looks like an opaque cream colour. I also have the lavender one by Hara that I have at home, but whenever I've gone to a salon they have always used a sheer, honey-like wax that seems a lot less goopy and easier to spread into an even layer.

Can anyone explain the differences and pros/cons of each?

Many thanks! xxx :o
It sounds like the ones you have at college are cream waxes as apposed to honey.

Have a look at a couple of manufacturers websites and they explain the different waxes they sell such as Hive, Perron Rigot, Lycon.

Tbh Hara probably isn't the best wax out their either, there are lots to choose from though that regardless of whether they are cream or honey are very easy to work with.
I think often colleges will use ones cheaply bought in bulk - then again if you can wax well with a cheap wax, you should be FLYING with the good ones once you have qualified :) Try different waxes, I've found from talking to other therapists that it's very horses for courses... I do NOT get along with honey waxes!!! But I love my Berins waxes and I have to admit that PR waxes are good too - I don't like how the strip wax is hard to see once applied but it does apply thin and come off easily and is nice to work with :)

I'm also about to trial some newly launched waxes from Outback Organics - so will be reporting back on those!!

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