Dip dye/ombré techniques?


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Feb 23, 2012
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So it's been a craze for a while now and I've tried it a couple of ways but just interested in how you guys go about it, I've seen some say about back combing? How? It's always nice to see if there is better way found things and at the moment I'm looking at different techniques for al colouring and cutting. :)
Hiya, I do a stretched regrowth then blend into the blonde with my fingers on people with already blonde hair. If I'm bleaching the ends I back comb the sections just above where I want the blonde to end then apply under the back combed bit. Then when you brush it out after you don't get a harsh line. Hope this helps :) xx
It really depends ive tried it four ways,
Freehand painted on
backcombing but sectioned thru with the easy comb
sectioned using cotton wool

Ive also tried it with foils and with meche, and i prefered meche-visicolour!

It's what works for you! xoxo
hey iv tried a few differeent techniques, best for me is paiting on regrowth then applying bottom colour wit fingers twisting the hair so u dont get a harsh solid line and helps it blend better x

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