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Sep 1, 2013
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This might seem irrelevant but i want to share any way x
As well as beauty i have my own soap range,
I am currently stocking up my supplies for christmas stock for a new shop i am going to supply ,
I went in to one of my suppliers for my fragrance oils only to find they are discontinuing my 2 most popular fragrances:o.
( candy crush and Honey bee sweet)
This may not seem bad but my clients absolutely love these as do i and i thought i cant possibly let my loyal customers down x
So heres the relief - after hours of scouring the internet i have found a supplier with the same fragrance's
I need plus more i have been looking for for ages :)
I am so chuffed and so pleased i can keep my clients happy x
Id just like to add my most popular xmas smell is
Elf Sweat x he he he
I find this such a funny name but its fab!

Sorry for being boring but had to share my happiness :) :)

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