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Jul 2, 2007
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Isle of Man
Just wondered how everyone did there nail art - i've done a load on nail pop things but they never look as good as on actual nails - is there a better way of doing it to show your customers?

I am at college at the moment and for my nail art exam we had to display some nail art for the client to have a look at. I did them on some cheap tips and then stuck them to a dispay.

Could you also take photo's of the nail art on actual nails and produce a little portfolio type thing.
Mine are just like that at the moment but I hardly get anyone wanting nail art, but if I do my hands with nail art they want it - number of comments said it looks completely different on a full fake nail to when its on an actual acrylic nail. :confused:
one of the young girls in our salon has put her nail art on full tips and displayed them in an A4 picture frame on the wall in a fan shape ( with about 4 or may be 5 rows ) the front of the frame is just plastic covering so goes over the tips .
When customers ask about nail art she refers to the picture frame , clients are shock and say oh thought it was a picture . Must abmit it does look cool .

I am so delighted with my Colour Pops (above) I can't tell you . . . I have tried various other means but have never managed to display them so effectively. So many clients have remarked on them. I wouldn't go back to any of my former methods.
I use colourpops at the mo, got 2 from ebay for about £10, with 36 on each, not bad I thought!
heres a cool pic that someone posted from another forum. I was thinking making a tip a different design to display

oooohhh i like that alot!!!!!
wow thats cool

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