Disposable buffers? Peel-n-stick?


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Oct 14, 2010
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Hi :).

This question goes out to all you gals who either throw away your files/buffers after each client or use a peel-and-stick file system. I am in search of a solution for natural nail clients, mainly to smooth away ridging, remove discoloration, and any dead skin that can be buffed away from the nail plate. I've yet to find a peel-n-stick system that has fine enough grits available for this, are there any out there? Also, if you toss your buffers after each use, which ones do you use that are cost-effective and work well for this purpose?

Thanks in advance!
Could you maybe have a little sealable bag for each client and store her/his files in that until their next appointment?
I use CND files which are disinfectable. Unless your client has any adverse nail conditions these are the most cost effective. Of course you can disinfect and then keep for each client :)

Another way is to include the cost of a buffer in your service and then give to the client at the end of her treatment. I often do this and clients love it

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