Do any hair extensions come close to Great Lengths hair?


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Apr 27, 2011
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Hi Ladies
I am looking for everyone's opinions.
Does any hair extensions come close to Great Lengths hair Extensions??
I have not come across any yet, but there may be some out there?
They are called the Rolls Royce of Hair Extensions and I can see why.
If anything comes close, I would love to know!
thanks Everyone
I know what factory they use (at least used to). I guess you could get your on hair from there? But then they have their own factory that dyes it so they buy it virgin state. A lot of what makes it good quality is the process it is colour treated with to ensure they stay looking amazing longer. Obviously the hair is good quality to start off with too.
Check out Babe hair and Donna Bella...I love their hair. Comes in a ton of shades and blends!
Thanks for the info. Could you possibly PM me to let me know what factory they use and I guess it's one avenue I can go down. Their bonds are super small and good quality. Some other brands are just bad and I can't find anything that comes close. Well not yet anyway.x
Hi can you PM me
I am looking for great lengths extensions
Thank you

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