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Feb 1, 2011
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Had a new client in this morning and she wanted a light silver platinum blonde, was worried about the colour being too dark. She decided on the colour, and 3 hours later phoned to say it was too light, and she felt washed out. i have said I will recolour next week, but do I charge her ?
Yes, you gave her the service she asked and now she has changed her mind. This not your fault.

Charge her
Yes definitely.
a close up of the finished colour x
What did you do? Was she happy?
& did u charge? Lol
I lightened and toned and coloured with the platinum shade she wanted. She is not coming back in until tomorrow and yes she was happy when she left x
Has she not paid you yet?
She paid when she left i wanted to know if i charge to re colour as now she says it is too light x
So that pic isn't the fixed hair yet Is it?
Sorry, I'd misunderstood your previous post.

Definitely charge her for a re-do. I'd probably offer to re-tone it to a creamier colour as that would be the cheapest option for her.
The pic is the original colour she wanted a platinum blonde now says it is too light for her xx
Depends how she is as a client like I once didn't like what my hairdresser did and she didn't charge me but I am not one her most loyal clients I go ever two weeks and buy a fortune of product for her on a mo they basis and tons of vouchers for people because I think she is amazing. If she handled the situation in a more snotty mannor I might have not gone back to her ever again.
So yes you can charge but just perhaps offer free blow wave or something long as she is happy. And you as the therapist is my feeling done in either,
Personally I think her hair looks beautiful.
Maybe she should get a tan instead [emoji39]
She was a first time client i was just going to charge for the colour. She was insistent all the way through that she wanted it light and kept saying she did not want the colour too dark.thank you all for your replies [emoji4]xx
In curious lol what do you plan to tone with?
Originally i was going to use the next shade up the 9.117 Silver, which she said was too dark so think i might use that one [emoji4]xx
recoloured with the Gothic Silver and she loved it and just covered the cost of the colour [emoji4]

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