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Do you need an Apprentice Hairdresser near Basildon Essex


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Malamute Geek!
Jul 21, 2004
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Just posting on behalf of my daughter.

She is due to leave school in a couple of weeks time and she has been attending J&E Hairdressing college for the past two years. First year came with a salon placement one day a week and one day at the college, second year was two days in the salon and one day at the college.

She has been told recently that the salon she is working in will not be able to offer her a full time place when she leaves school as they already have two juniors working for them

She has been colouring, doing reception duties, cleaning, all the usual stuff really but is looking for work in a salon apprentiship with a day release to college (J&E).

She is happy to work Saturdays until she leaves school, even if it's a trial run. She can travel but obviously the closer to Basildon the easier it will be for her as she has to rely on public transport.

If anyone thinks they can help please contact me - thanks

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