Do you use more than one type of China Glaze top coat?


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Feb 15, 2005
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Hi Geeks
I have bought the no chip top coat from china glaze but just wondering if I should have bought the quick dry topcoat. does the no chip top coat really make a difference to chipping? also do you use more than one type of top coat and if you do how do you decide which top coat your client will get
I have both, but ended up keeping them for myself (my toes) and using Lumos base and top coat on my clients. Main reason is I really didn't see a difference in the two. The quick dry dries as fast as the no chip, and their durability was the same as far as chipping goes. I really do love china glaze polishes though. :D
I started off with the no chip and love it. But I ended up getting the Lumos to see if it was as good as everyone was saying. It really is that good and I stayed with it to use it as a system.

But The CG non chip is just as good in my opinion. My normal manicure polishes using CG all the way through can last a week. I can't comment on the quick dry as I have never used it.

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