Does any one meet for meetings in Milton Keynes Area


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May 16, 2004
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UK-Milton Keynes
Saw the post for all the people how are arranging a meeting in the essex area. Just wondered in anyone done that where I live in Milton Keynes? Sounds like a good idea to get together
I'm in Milton Keynes. I don't know if there is anyone else on here that is from MK too. I'd be willing to meet up if people want to. I've not been doing this long so would love to get some tips (!) from others locally.
Hopefully some more people from Milton Keynes and Bucks area see this post!
There must be more than just the two of us in the whole area!!!
I go to OSNS a lot in Milton Keynes, it's only about an hour away from my home, I'm in Warwickshire, can arrange to meet too if you want.

Jue xxx
I am like Jue, do all my training at MK I am about 40 mins away we could find something mid way maybe.
have only just seen this post - I live in Milton Keynes and am always keen to talk nails!!

me too.. i'm in oxfordshire but about 40 mins from osns mk - where i shop and do training. would love to meet midway maybe or at a convenient venue for us all- lets do it.
fiona i know we have been meaning to get together so maybe this will be our chance.
OK...fantastic that there are a few more of us nearby. How do we go about deciding on a meeting point?
How I envy you all arranging to meet up. I live in Spain, and love the comaradry (I think I spelt that right?!) on this site. If any of you are visiting the Costa del Sol drop me a line.

Will keep an eye on the forum for the next arranged meet-up as my daughter lives in Bedford, so perhaps maybe able to get to the next meet-up.
I'm in Northamptonshire but would be interested in meeting up.
I'm about 40mins from Milton Keynes and would be interested in meeting up.

Thursday nights are bad for me as I have college.
I work mon-friday 9am - 9pm, saturday 8.30am - 5pm, and am always fully booked, but am on holiday monday 21 June - 26 June, if this is any good otherwise it will have to be on a sunday for me.

Jue xx
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