does anyone have an ipl aculight or nd:yag machine?


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Oct 14, 2007
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Does anyone have an ipl aculight machine or a nd:yag machine?

If so please please please tell me where you bought them from and how much did they cost?

I have searched everywhere and I cant find any prices except for second hand machines. I looked on the aculight website and nothing. I've emailed them still waiting for a reply!!

Also if you have these machines please tell me if you've had any bad experiences!

Any advice would be gratefully recieved:hug::hug:
I used to use Aculight about 3 years ago when i was working in a salon.Back then you didnt buy the machine,everything was done on a profit share scheme.I think this has since changed.The treatment was good and effective but Aculight as a company left a little to be desired.I personally wouldnt deal with them again if it were me but things may have changed since then.
thanks for your sound advice about aculight, thats a real shame that as a company thy're not great to deal wth cos their machines are great. What hair removal machines would you recomend instead?

I suggest you try Lynton. They are a much nicer company to deal with. They will give you good advice and plenty of help.

You can see their website at Lynton - experts in aesthetic technology and that has their contact details.


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