Does anyone have any advice, please?


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Apr 1, 2012
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Hi there guys,I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for a newbie?
I'm finish my first year NC Level 5 (I think thats the equivalent of the English Level 1) next week and I have absolutely loved it and think I've done well,have been accepted on the level 6 course with the possibility of being fast tracked on to the HNC course if any of this year's level 6 students don't take up their place. I have been looking for salon work,voluntary or otherwise,but due to my highly advanced age (I'm 38 haha) I've found this next to impossible until today.I had an informal interview at a salon (a small walk-in type) and I was very clear with the owner that while I have confidence in my abilities I'm still very much a first year student with very little commercial experience and that gent's cuts aren't covered in first year at all.Regardless of this I've been given a few days a week,starting this afternoon,it was a 'thrown in the deep end' experience,was there 2 1/2 hours and got through 1 ladies dry cut (have never done one of them and I found it difficult) and 6 gent's cuts and all the while I was aware of the salon owner and the other two hairdresser's watching and I could hear them making comments such as 'she's going to have to speed up' or 'what's she doing that for?', I felt under pressure to work faster but I didn't want to rush and make a complete hash of what I was doing. At the end of the trial I was offered a few days work a week but told I need to speed up and learn how to cut corners to get the clients in and out.I don't want to sound precious but I don't want to start doing this,I'm loving hairdressing and I'm passionate about doing a great job, feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place,do I continue in the job and at least earn some money during the long summer break or do I turn it down and keep trying for something else?Any advice would be much appreciated, I've been a thread reader on here for a wee while and I know you guys are legends when it comes to advice!xxx

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