Does anyone know a good brand hair for a weave?


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May 25, 2011
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West Yorkshire
Hi There,

I am having a sew in weave fitted and would like to know which hair would be the best to last for 3-4 months? I live in the West Yorkshire area and would prefer to buy from a shop so to get the correct colour match. Please help, rainbow hair in huddersfield was recommended to buy the hair from also 1st lady was aswell however they did not have the correct colour match or length. Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks in advance x
Online you can find better hair, if you see an extensionist and get it colour matched or if you order through a extensionist you'll probably get better hair and better match :)
Agreed, get it online or from an extensionist! I live in west yorkshire too and can guarantee there is nowhere around here that sells high quality hair! Ive had a few people who have supplied their own hair (usually from the extension stall in white rose) and it looks lovely to begin with but doesnt last long at all! X
If you want it too last 3/4 months I would highly recommend remi hair as normal weave will only last weeks hope this helps, sorry not sure on a pacific site to order from.
Celebrity elite and beauty works at good xx
I personally like hair planet wefts
I personally wouldn't know where to begin looking online for a weft! And i have searched extensionists in my area before and have only ever got results for very expensive salons which charge over the odds!!! Would shops in my area stock celebrity elite, beauty works and hair planet or are these all just available online too?

Thanks for all your help :)))

Its really appreciated x

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