Does anyone know any gels that are HEMA free please?


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hello I need to find gels that are hema free does anyone recommend any please


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Will HEMA-free be enough? Anyone who develops an allergy to HEMA, is usually also allergic to 4 or more other ingredients. You can find out what you are allergic to by visiting a Dermatologist who will make a patch test for acrylate and methacrylate chemicals.

If you don't know what you are allergic to, then really you should consider hypoallergenic products. These don't contain HEMA or any of the ingredients the dermatologist tests for.

IKON.IQ Nails specialises in hypoallergenic products:
- Gel polish
- Hard (file off gels): three different families with different viscosities and colours
- Soak-off builder gels
- Soak-off nail art gels
- Soak-off colour gels

If you send me a PM with your email, I can also send you our free Allergy guide.

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Gel Perfection by diamond Glitters. Fab gel polish!


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Thank you ill have a look


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Shellac or lecente


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