Does anyone use Handepay card terminals?


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Oct 20, 2011
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Hi. I'm moving in to a beauty room soon and have been looking at the various debit/credit card terminal companies, what a minefield.

The one that is coming up with the best quote so far is Handepay-streamline, debit cards 15p, credit cards 1.5%, terminal rental £21.99p per month, that's for the mobile one as my beauty room is on one floor and my nail desk on another and the minimum spend per month is £10, there is also no joining fee or authorisation fee.

Do any of you use Handepay and how have you found them?

Shelley X :)
I dont use handepay but just wanted to let you know, search the biz geek forum for a thread titled 'should i have a credit card machine in salon' (or something similar to that) that thread has 5 pages on this kinda subject and I found it very helpful, I realise this may not have info on handepay in particular but is a very good thread. hope this can help you in some way :D
I use cardsave I don't have a minimum spend and at most I pay is £26 per month plus vat. With that amount you'll be paying a min of £31.99 plus vat.

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