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Sep 28, 2010
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Hi Peeps,

I am Larissa and I am a newbie :) I will, I promise create an intro blog as soon as I can get my head around how the site works, but for now I am making a plea for some help ....

I Have recently completed Nails Naturally Manicured and Shellac training with CND. It has been strongly advised that I get my hands on Doug Schoon's bible and I am wondering if any of you lovely Geeks know where I might get a copy.

And, if you can recomend any other reading material for my already full brain to take in, I am sure in the end I would be most grateful. :hug:


Larissa :)
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Have you tried Amazon? they sell second-hand books :)
Did you want to get a second hand copy?... you could get it on Amazon I'm sure, but I know Sweet Squared sell it and I have it and I have to say, it's well worth getting.

Also Marian Newman's book the complete nail technician is a great one and Gigi Rouse Nail class which you can get from Sweet Squared too.

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