Dremel glass etching/engraving


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Apr 25, 2005
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South Africa
Hi all

I got given a Dremel rotary kit by my boyfriend in October as part of my birthday gifts. The reason he got it for me is that I want to do glass engraving and you can use this tool. Then when opening the box found the untit was so big I needed something called a flexshaft, which Morgan got me for Christmas. Now I am so confused I dont know how to begin and what bits ect to use. do any of you do this as a hobby? PLEASE help.

Have you looked on the net for books or a class that can help. x
Have you looked on the net for books or a class that can help. x

hi, yes, but still confused as ever lol. went to the shop where it was purchased but they looked at me like I was mad. Men!

so dont know what to do.
I just put GLASS ENGRAVING into the Google search and it came up with tutorials from a person called Lesley Pyke, there are videos to watch too, and she has a website but i don't know whats on there didn't have a look around, its Glass Engraving - Lesley Pyke
thank you so much, I feel so inspired. Will give it go this week and let you know how it turns out.
thanx again for the help.

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