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Nov 26, 2013
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The story starts... I worked in a hairdressers and my boss at the time said I want your hair baby pink, bearing in mind it was a gorgeous purple in fabulous condition, am not the type of girl to say no so I let him do it. Stripped my hair 1 hour passed and another hour passed! My scalp was blistered. I didn't want to say anything as he was the professional and I was the trainee, after he washed the bleach off we put a crazy colour baby pink on which he ran out of! So I sent my mum the shop they had none, she had to get fushia pink. The next day he stripped my hair again for half a hour my scalp was burning like hell! Then he put a tint on it! As the result to this happening my hair as snapped and so dry and notty! Has anyone got any ideas on what to do😭😭?
Any advice? Before I have a nervous break down xx
I too am not a hairdresser as yet .... But I would have said something to him and certainly wouldn't have let him bleach it a second time !!!

But its too late for that now!
I too am not one to say anything ESP if it was to a boss about their profession when I'm not a pro yet, BUT I would complain to him that your hair is over processed due to his service and you want him to provide you with reconstructing moisturising treatments .. As why would he want you promoting his work when its dried out, over processed etc?? Xx
Wow that is really bad ! U need a protein treatment like redken anti snap which ia basically like pure protein for the hair which helps to stop the snapping but equally u need a moisture treatment as too much of the protein can be just as bad so u need both to repair and rehydrate your hair . Are u at college studying hair ? Or was u just a saturday girl ?

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That's terrible!! You poor thing 😔 deffo agree with redken anti snap or cat, whilst also using something such as argan oil/macadamia, bless you, really feel for ya!! Hoping your hair improves soon hunny!! Xxx
Oh god!! I would condition treatment. Not use heat on your hair. Plenty of conditioner when you wash your hair. And I agree with the oil. Moroccan oil is a Miracle!! Salons use that stuff mixed with colours so it doesn't damage the hair so much. Or you could go all out and have it chopped off and grow it long again. That would really help with the condition 😊 you can always buy hair extensions. And do not colour it!! This will make it worse and damage further 😔 I hope all goes well
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Thanks girls, yeah I was a apprentice there x

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